General Terms of Engagement

Besides standard hourly billing LEGELATA is entering into legal risk-sharing arrangements with clients. These arrangements are designed to accommodate clients who are interested in a fee structure other than standard hourly billing. In return for investing some or all of our standard fees in the client matter, or for taking on unusual fee or collection risk, we earn an agreed upon fees based on a set of specified criteria. In these arrangements we share in both legal fee and legal outcome risk. Such arrangements are maintained in strict confidence.
Special Fee Arrangements are agreements between LEGELATA and the client to provide compensation to LEGELATA based on a structure other than hourly billing. Special fee arrangements can be hybrids in which LEGELATA receives a percentage of its hourly rate, with the remainder contingent on the outcome of the matter.
Our Special Fee Arrangements include pure contingent fee and partial contingent fee litigation matters, fixed fees in litigated and non-litigated matters. 

At LEGELATA we are prepared to discuss and pursue any reasonable risk-sharing fee structure that balances the relative investment and risk taken on by the Firm with the client
General Terms of Engagement
  • Scope of action
  • These Standard Terms of Engagement ("Terms") apply in respect of all services provided by us for you, except to the extent that we otherwise agree with you in writing. If these Terms are inconsistent with the engagement letter or any other agreement, which we have made with you (whether generally or in respect of a specific instruction), the engagement letter or the other agreement prevails over these Terms.

  • Authorities
  • We are authorized to perform any action on your behalf in accordance with the assignments we have received, including making payments as required, involving experts in law and other fields or law firms.

  • Services
  • The services to be provided are provided in the contract between the parties.

  • Fees
  • Charged charges are defined in the agreement between the parties.
    If the contract between the parties provides a fixed fee, it is charged for a certain range of services. Payments for the work done beyond the scope of the contract are made on time basis. The party is notified of the need for services beyond the scope of the contract and, if necessary, the approximate calculation of future fees.
    In case of payment for the services, the hourly rate is defined by the contract between the parties. The difference in the amount of timeframes depends on the experience and expertise of the office staff. The spent time is calculated by 6/6 / minute units rounded up to the other 6-minute unit

  • Payments and expenses
  • We may make third party payments on your behalf at our service. These payments are included in the invoice and are detailed separately. In case of necessity, a prepayment is required to make payments

  • Taxes
  • Fees and charges, including VAT (if required).

  • Invoices
  • Interim invoices are usually issued each month, either in connection with a specific question or within the timeframe specified in the contract. An invoice will also be presented in case of significant costs.
    The invoice is paid within 14 days of issuance, except for a special agreement. In case of late 7 days, the party is entitled to pay any money. The interest rate shall be calculated at the average interest rate set by the Central Bank of Armenia within the relevant period.

  • Unpaid invoices
  • In case of late payment of invoices, the client may
    Terminate any work until full invoice payment,
    Keep the property owned by the client, including the documents and carriers, until the complete invoice repayment.