What We Do

Legelata is one of the leading companies providing the legal services in Armenia.
If there's one aspect that sums up Legelata's focus it is the capacity to look for and produce legal solutions that effectively answer the clients' needs.
At Legelata we never allow ourselves just to refer to the existing legal frame, we thrive on constantly creating new legal solutions at the forefront of the legal system.

LEGELATA is a law firm operating in Armenia which has a rich history of providing exceptional services to clients across a wide range of industries. We act as consultants for businesses involved in banking and finance, trade and logistics. We advise over highly complex issues connected with competition and intellectual property, foreign investments, tax and corporate matters. LEGELATA represents clients in litigation and arbitration involving most vital issues. Our clients are safeguarded a strong protection through use of investment arbitration and human rights protection (ECHR) mechanisms which our lawyers master in.