LEGELATA CJSC is a member of "Business Armenia" business support club.


LEGELATA CJSC  is a member of

On November 9, 2018, collaborative documents were signed between Legelata’s managing partner Gor Margaryan and Business Armenia’s Business Support Coordinator Sahak Achemyan on becoming a business support members.

Business Armenia Business Support Club was established to promote export and investmentin Armenia. “Legelata” Law Firm will provide initial legal  consultation on banking, financial, trade and shipping issues, also on economic competition, intellectual property, foreign investment and tax law.

Legelata CJSC, a leading legal advisory company in Armenia, is open for all projects and business clubs where it can support business law and other legal aspects together with competitive partners.

Our company aims to contribute to the solution of social problems or other needs of Armenia or its society and to have influence and effectiveness in the areas that are truly important.