Import of cosmetic products: beautiful or ugly?


Import of cosmetic products: beautiful or ugly?

Nowadays there are a lot of companies that import cosmetics for further resale. But if those cosmetic import entities won't comply with requirements of certification, then business in cosmetics will become from beautiful to ugly.


As far as Armenia is a member of Eurasian Economic Union, the national legislation of the Republic of Armenia is becoming unified with the Eurasian Economic Union regulations. That’s why you can face the situation when you don’t know where to find the answers to your questions.  


There are number of decrees to unify member state legislation that has been  adopted by Eurasian Economic Community Customs Union Commission (Commission). The most useful for you is Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, protecting the safety of perfumery and cosmetics.


Before importing any cosmetics, you need to make sure that the cosmetics exist of substances that are not prohibited in Armenia.


The importer should submit Invoice and customs formulation documents package for certification and compliance measurement. After customs formulation of goods /cosmetic products/ in customs checkpoint, the goods are issued in accordance with “Customs Procedure for Release for Internal Consumption”. It allows the owner to transfer the goods to its warehouse. This was the description of the first step.


For selling (wholesale, retail sale) the imported cosmetic products the importer must to go through the standardization process.

There are number of accordance measurement schemes included in the Commission Regulations. One of them is taking laboratory tests of the samples of the goods from the batches of the products imported, in case when they are imported under the same invoice and the products are conform to the “Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, The safety of perfumery and cosmetics" standards. Armenian Certification Authority provides a compliance declaration document (the certificate), which is in force in the Eurasian Economic Union members’ territory. After that goods are regarded as consistent with the Regulations and certified by Certification Authority.

Тhe next step is the cosmetic products State registration for market sаle (wholesale, retail sale).

There are some legal requirement for to Labeling of perfume and cosmetics. Labeling is considered as consumer information in the form of labels, digital, color and graphic symbols applied on consumer packaging, label.

Before starting cosmetic products import, we advise you to apply to a lawyer to have a legal advice. It’ll help you to avoid any issues and future unfavorable consequences.

In this matter, our company lawyers can support you with consultation and help with documentation for making your proper import of cosmetic products successful and safe.



Associate - Gurgen Grigoryan