Landmark precedent touching the rights of importers


Landmark precedent touching the rights of importers

Legelata wins the case for its client RGAM Retail Group Armenia CJSC brought against the Customs and Revenue Service of RA with regard to calculation and payment of the customs duties.

The decision effectively has opened a door to our client for recovery of amounts of more than 5 million USD.

The decision is a landmark precedent extending clarity to importers of products to determine the customs duties to be paid when the imported products are to be paid royalty on based on the sales of such products. 

Ms. Alla Hakhnazaryan, the leading attorney on the case reiterated that the overall impact of this landmark case is that the importers will have a hurdle less to be uncertain about and be able to deal with the customs authorities with more certainty reducing any risks connected with paying fines or penalties on the assessed (over assessed) customs duties and fees.

Legelata is proud to contribute to ease of doing business for its clients and the business community.