Issues related to work permission in Armenia


Issues related to work permission in Armenia

Many foreign organizations operating in the territory of the Republic of Armenia have employees who are not citizens of Armenia. These employees occupy various positions starting from the office manager and ending with the director. The question arises: what is needed for foreigners to work freely in Armenia?

In this article we will present some issues related with getting a work permit in Armenia

Starting from January 2019, the decision of the government which obliged employers to obtain work permit for their foreign employees in Armenia entered into force. It is important to remember, that the employer shall apply for work permission.

The work permit is provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA. Work permit is issued for one year, after which it is necessary to apply again to extend it.

Who can work in Armenia without a work permit?

Directors, founders or authorized representatives of companies may work in Armenia without the permission. However, there are organizations that have not only CEO but also financial, operational and other directors. Since financial, operational and other directors are also directors, work permit is not required for them either.

What is the next step?

In addition to working, the employee also lives in Armenia, so it is also necessary to get a residence permit for the foreign employee.

In order to live in the Republic of Armenia for a fixed period, it is necessary to apply to the relevant department of the Passport and Visa Department and submit the required documents.

Alongside with the required documents, the foreign employee shall also submit his/her work permit to the Passport and Visa department of the Police in order to obtain residence permit. 

There are cases when the Passport and Visa Department declines the company's directors' residence permit by presenting a requirement for a certain amount of participation in the company, which does not actually exist.

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Author: Sergey Sarukhanyan

Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and shall not be deemed as legal advice. Examples of analysis performed within this article are only examples. They should not be utilized in real-world analytic products.