Antitrust and Competition

Antitrust and competition issues are increasingly complex and important to the success of the business. To that end we offer our clients a one-stop shop with clear, strategic and commercially aware advice on a broad-range of local and multi-jurisdictional competition law issues including legal advice on all types of anti-competitive behaviours and antitrust issues, as well as representation of clients' interests before competition authorities.

Examples of our work include:

  • Rendering of legal opinions and advice over the issues of joint venture, distributorship and other market penetration agreements.
  • Legal advice on mergers and acquisitions likely to give rise to anti-competitive concerns with competition authorities,
  • Everyday legal advice to entities recognized as dominant in the corresponding market or the part thereto,
  • Monitoring and compilation of documents and other materials for substantiation of antitrust or cartels behavior by the competitors,
  • Filing of applications with the competition authorities on anti-competitive behavior of the market participant and representation of the applicant,
  • Legal support to clients in inspections initiated by the competition authorities,
  • Representation of the defendant in front of the competition authorities,
  • Court appeal of the decisions and procedural orders of the competition committee,
  • Litigation for recovery of damages of the client as a result of the anti-competitive behavior of the competitor.

Complex antitrust /competition issues often demand industry focused insight. Clients benefit from tailored advice from our experts in a wide range of sectors. Our lawyers are known for their innovative approach when representing clients, often on high profile cases. Frequently, the sensitive matters on which we advise are successfully resolved away from the headlines.