Banking and Finance

With the liberalization of financial market in Armenia vast opportunities for investment in the banking and financial have emerged. LEGELATA provides legal exceptional services to the clients operating in fields of banking and finance connected with most innovative financial products such as derivatives in combination with advice on more traditional instruments such as syndicated and plain-vanilla interbank loans. These services include all types of representation for and before financial institutions, as well as guidance through investment procedure. We advise on securities, loan (credit) agreements and any other financial instruments. Advice in project and acquisition finance matters is in the heart of our banking and finance practice.

Our banking and finance lawyers are well prepared to:

  • Advise on a structure of the transaction intended to create and appropriate structured securities and provide legal opinions as to validity and consequences of such transactions,
  • Advise on and draft prospectuses and other necessary documentation for issuance of the securities,
  • Act as gatekeepers for the banks and financial institutions through its due diligence practice for ascertaining the legal standing of the company and of its assets,
  • Advise on plain vanilla and syndicated loans and regulatory issues and provide legal opinion as to validity, legal effect and consequences of the transaction,
  • Advise on and draft the security agreements intended to secure any obligation of the debtor.
  • Advise on regulatory issues connected with extending finance to consumers either directly or indirectly.
  • Enforce the rights of the creditor against the liable debtor and escort the exequatur proceedings.

Project and Acquisition Finance
LEGELATA offers lawyers who are well versed in project finance transactions and have high commercial awareness in what they do. They easily sketch the structure of the project finance and assist in making it bankable at the beginning of the process. Our lawyers have the skills of negotiation and knowledge to connect all the project finance documentation and shift the risks to corresponding parties. Whether we serve a bank, a financial institution, the government or the company with the project, we always think in an innovative way to offer highly effective solutions, which address the most critical concerns of the parties.