Foreign Investments

In LEGELATA we have the legal expertise and track record to help make any international investment in Armenia whether direct or through portfolio a smooth and efficient process, even for complex or sensitive matters. We have excellent local legal knowledge, networks and the technical know-how to ensure that your commercial objectives are met. We guide our clients through whole procedure of foreign investments including acquisition of shares. Our services can be beneficial for both foreign and local investors in all types of investments.

The Firm has the capacity to counsel on the matters connected with foreign investment starting from the screening phase up to the moment of exit and clean up. We take foreign investments broadly and provide counseling in major sectors of economy such as infrastructure, energy, mining, real estate, recreational etc.

We plan and counsel over various schemes of investments including foreign direct investment, different types of project financing methods including “Civil Participation”, “Buy-Back” arrangements, “Counter trade”, and various “Build-Operate-Transfer” schemes.

We provide our clients with enhanced protection, which we reach through close cooperation between our corporate, and litigation teams. The first designs the corporate structure of the investment in a way so as to remove the inherent risks associated with the national jurisdiction as well as bolsters the position of the investor by incorporating the investment vehicle in a jurisdiction having the most favorable bilateral investment treaty regime with Armenia.

Our Litigation team is always ready to protect and represent the interests of the investors in national courts and international treaty based bodies such as ICSID arbitration and European Court of Human Rights.

This approach makes us a very strong law firm in Armenia dealing with foreign investments. Our work is tough and our efforts are hard. But the success we achieve crosses the limits of possible.